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  • "Judo has given me so many things in my life, it taught me how to control my body, co-ordination, discipline, and how to push through and deal with things that I don't like to, but do because I have to do. It taught me leadership and how to follow. I believe that Judo has made me a better person, member of my community, and friend." - Coach Joseph Sapp

    "Before and after practicing Judo or engaging in a match, opponents bow to each other. Bowing is an expression of gratitude and respect. In effect, you are thanking your opponent for giving you the opportunity to improve your technique." - Dr. Jigoro Kano

    Judo was created in 1882 by Jigoro Kano. Born from the martial art Jujitsu and the Confucianist idea of Jita Kyoei (mutual welfare and benefit), Kano's Judo was made to be both a physical sport and a philosophical way of life.
    The sport is taught at the Kodokan Institute in Tokyo, Japan. The Kodokan was founded by Dr. Kano in the same year as came into existance. Originally a Buddhist temple named Eisho-ji, it is now the home of Judo.

    Judo became an Olympic level sport in 1964 for men, and 1992 for women.